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Some videos of our mutes in action! 

Eric Siereveld playing on our entire line!

Josh Rzepka mute monday video

Eric Siereveld demonstrates the full line of Huber Music trumpet mutes.

The order is:

-Straight Mute, small base 0:00

- Straight Mute, large base 0:56

- Straight Mute, Jazzer/Buzz base 1:44

- Cup Mute 2:24

- Step-Wah 3:37

- Solo Mute 4:25

- Kellso Pixie 5:01

- Buzz Pixie 5:13

- Mel-O-Wah 6:28

- Meg-A-Mute 7:02

We were lucky enough to have Josh Rzepka do a Mute Monday episode on our Cup, Straight, Solo (Solotone), Meg-A-Mute and Buzz mute.  Be sure to check out is youtube page, lots of great videos!

Matt Dixon demoing our Huber Music Cup Mute

Joe Sabia demoing our Cup, Straight and Solo mutes

Matt Dixon sounding great on our Huber Music Cup Mute.  Check him out playing Clifford Brown’s solo on September Song with Sarah Vaughan.

Joe Sabia playing our mutes back to back against a variety of other brands.  Great A-B video Joe!

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